CS 248 Spring 1995 Rendering Competition

CS 248 Spring 1995 Rendering Competition

CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Spring quarter, 1995
Instructor: Marc Levoy
Teaching assistants: Apostolos Lerios, Chase Garfinkle, and Todd Smith

This is the index to the competition entries for the CS 248 Spring 1995 Rendering Competition. Clicking on the participants' name(s) or on the corresponding thumbnail will take you to a page containing the complete (or almost so) competition entry of that person or group. The thumbnails shown are either a single frame of a movie or a self-contained still composition; moreover, they are chosen as representative of the quality of the full competition entry.

Greg McNutt. First place.

Rob Engle and Andrea Rosso. Second place.

Maria Wangsahamidjaja and Tony Rondonuwu. Honorable mention.

David Forthoffer. Honorable mention.

Arturo Crespo. Honorable mention.

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