CS 248 2006 Video Game Competition

CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter, 2006

The final project for CS248 was to write a 3D video game. To help inspire our students to delve deeply into the wonderful world of graphics, we also held a public competition, with a panel of expert judges selecting the best game.

There were 7 finalists. The winning group won a trip to Siggraph 2007, while second place won a free dinner for two at Il Fornaio in Palo Alto. We also had a "wackiest, most creative" prize consisting of an Xbox 360, generously donated by Microsoft. All finalists also won video games donated by Electronic Arts.


Winners: Other games:

1st place: Cartoon Carnage

Stefan Mohler and Nick Cooper

Cartoon Carnage Screenshot

Windows: cartooncarnage.exe

Cartoon Carnage is a third person shooter set in a world of happy cartoon animals being invaded by a horribly evil Demon--you. The game features hierarchical model animation with recursive attachment of other models, cel shading of up to 32 different light sources, point light source projected shadows that corrently handle multiple light sources with overlapping occulsions, accurate and fast collision system, frustum culling, an extremely flexible particle system, heads up display with minimap, and a multilevel AI based on the Boids flocking rules.

2nd place: Sphere Wars

Daniel Holbert, Tom Deane, and David Erickson

Sphere Wars screenshot

Windows: SphereWars.zip

Knock other players off the stage until you are the last one standing!

Wackiest: Airship Combat

Sergey Levine

Airship Combat screenshot

Windows: Airship.zip

Airship Combat is a game designed to run on the Windows operating system. Its aim is to accurately and believably simulate battles between sail-powered rigid-body airships, so as to recreate the atmosphere of an "age of sail" naval combat game, but with the added twist of a three-dimensional environment. The game features detailed physics simulation, from the effects of wind on the sails to gravity and accurate collision detection. The game provides new players with an intuitive control scheme, and it provides more advanced players with the option to take more and more components of their ship under their direct control. For instance, a player can order that just one sail be closed and immediately observe as the ship tilts and turns in response to the changing forces of the wind on the remaining sails.

Finalist: Barnyard Roundup

Andrew Yen, Karin Linnersund, and Laurie Kim

Barnyard Roundup screenshot

OSX: barnyard.tgz (includes source)

Tired of all the frenetic, blow-em-up, shoot-em-up, violent games out there? Come herd some cows with Barnyard Roundup! Immerse yourself in our idyllic, tranquil country side environment, and enjoy the challenging but fun gameplay. Breathe in the fresh air, hum along with our original music, and relax your worries away!

Finalist: Modulo

Nico Benitez, Pierre Souillot, and Russ Heddleston

Modulo screenshot

Windows: Modulo.zip

Modulo is an underwater submarine combat game for the PC. Your goal is to fend off hoards of incoming submarine foes and survive for five minutes, at which time a boss will appear. If you manage to defeat the boss, you win the game. Many enemies have "modules" attached to them that are knocked free when the enemy is destroyed. Your ship is equipped with a tractor beam that allows you to attach these pieces to your own ship. Some pieces act as armor, while others boost speed, handling, or give you additional weapons. Many modules have ports which allow you to attach even more pieces to your ship.

Finalist: StarioKart Onslaught

David Murray

StarioKart Onslaught screenshot

Windows: StarioKartOnslaught.zip

StarioKart Onslaught is basically a simplified version of MarioKart's battle mode + a simplified version of Unreal Tournament's onslaught mode + it's in space! The object of the game is to destroy the other players' planets. Every time you die, it takes a second longer to respawn, so a good strategy is to take our your opponents a few times, then attack their planets when they're trying to spawn. Beware that if a ship is near its planet, it and its planet heal over time. To help you, there are also rewards around the screen (smiley faces) that grant 20 second effects, like doubling/halving size, doubling attack speed, and doubling movement speed.

Finalist: You are What you Eat

Michael Graeb and Anders Hagvall

You are What you Eat screenshot

Windows: YouAreWhatYouEat.tgz

The game is about you starting as a tiny creature in a petri dish. You can move around to find other creatures just like you, but don't confuse them for beeing friendly, because they will eat your ass alive if they get the slightest chance to do so! The basic one and only essense of this game is survival of the fittest! Bite things with left mouse button to grow your tail, and grow your head by accumulating your tail parts into it with right mouse button. But don't go all crazy on the red tinting, you might just loose your head...

2006: space conquest death match

Yves Frinault and Julien Chaumond

space conquest death match screenshot

Windows: Space Conquest Death Match - webcam.rar (requires a webcam)

space conquest death match is a fighting game involving an American space marine trooper and a Soviet космонавт battling for supremacy over the outer space. the game is a two-player game controlled by webcam. players fight through a combination of classical moves and hits and some rock-paper-scissors throws.


Yangfan Wang

Liege screenshot

Windows: Liege.rar

Liege is a side-scrolling platform-jumper set in an alien, medieval world. The player's goal is to survive and locate the white temple structure. He has at his disposal several ropes with grappling hooks, his trusty lance and musket, and his superhuman jumping abilities. Help can be obtained in-game by pressing H.

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