CS 248 2008 Video Game Competition

CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Autumn Quarter, 2008

The final project for CS248 was to write a 3D video game. To help inspire our students to delve deeply into the wonderful world of graphics, we also held a public competition, with a panel of expert judges selecting the best game.

There were 8 finalists. The winning group won a trip to Siggraph 2009, while second place won a free dinner for two at Il Fornaio in Palo Alto. We also had a "wackiest, most creative" prize consisting of two leather bound sketch books with signed concept art generously donated by Blizzard. All finalists also won video games donated by Electronic Arts and Blizzard.



1st place: Polly-B-Gone

Michael Bostock

PollyBGone Screenshot

Mac: pollybgone

POLLY-B-GONE is a 3D physics platform game that tells the story of a plucky wheeled robot named Polly, who has been imprisoned by the nefarious Dr. Nurbs in his laboratory. Polly must overcome a series of increasingly-elaborate obstacles to escape and regain her freedom.

2nd place: Tank Game

Daniel Chang

Tank Game Screenshot

Game: tankgame

The goal of Tank Game is to repel the Evil Robot Army with an arsenal of laser cannons, nuclear missiles, and beam weapons. You, as a cadet of the Alliance, are the only barrier between your base and total destruction. Your hover tank includes a super high-tech HUD, minimap display, and ammunition indicators. Speed boosts, super-chargers, and shield repair kits are also available to help you stay alive. Fight for humanity, fight for Admiral Thunderboots - but above all - fight for great justice.

Wackiest: NDOTO

Kate Swanson, Chris Piech, Eric Ruth

NDOTO Screenshot


Ndoto is a fantasy rpg based with a satirical take on the hero's journey. Ndoto takes place in a world of floating islands inhabited by cute and spiky forest spirits who have the ability to cast portals that can teleport any moving thing. Through a series of side quests you must track down the evil sorcerer who is wreaking havoc about the land and, of course, has stolen a princess (because what else would an evil sorcerer do with his time?). You travel through 13 islands on your heroic quest defeating corrupted enemy forest spirits along the way. You must be creative with your use of portals as you travel through worlds of lava with dangerous volcanoes, frozen islands of snow and ice, the enemy village itself, and the final castle where the evil sorcerer resides. Like any rpg, you can collect money and potions, and buy items like armor and rings at shops located about the word to help you on your quest. Accomplish all this and you might even get a kiss.

Finalist: Age of Transformers

Sung Hee Park, Nam Wook Kim, Soo Woung Ryu

Age of Transformers Screenshot

Win: Age of Transformers

Save the Earth! The aliens have sneaked into the Earth and built secret base in dessert area. Your mission is to destroy enemy forces with our "transformer" robot.The robot can transform from tank, to human type robot and fighter aircraft. You may choose the best robot style to fight with the enemies.

Finalist: Sailing

Jeremie Papon

Sailing Screenshot

Win: Sailing


Finalist: Out for a Walk

Shireesh Agrawal, Kevin Montag, Filip Gruvstad


Win: Out for a Walk

Out for a Walk.

Finalist: Hazard

Jongmin Baek


Mac: Hazard

HAZARD is an adaptation of the popular game Minesweeper, with a number of twists and improvements. The player will maneuever a tank on a virtual terrain organized into squares, each of which may contain a landmine. If the player steps on a square that contains a mine, the mine detonates and the player loses some health; if the square is mine-free, it is ``cleared'' and displays the number of mines in the eight adjacent squares. In essence, Minesweeper is a puzzle game. The Twist: HAZARD introduces an array of tools to help you explore the treacherous terrain and fight off the bad guys. Each tool comes with a specific use and often great visual and sound effects.

Finalist: Tanks on a Rubiks Cube

Loren Yu, John Hernandez


Win: Tanks on a Rubiks Cube

Drive, steer, shoot, and turn your way around the world as you track down your friends in this action-packed game of Rubik's Tanks. The Rubik's Cube is your battle arena as you and your friends face off in a death match. You will need both superior driving skills and Rubik's Cube wits to outmaneuver and defeat your friends. Use the battle arena to your advantage by rotating the cube at your command. But beware! Your friends may be just a single turn away, and they are coming after you too.

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