CS 348B Spring 2005 Rendering Competition



The renderings below were created for the rendering competition in CS 348b: Image Synthesis Techniques, taught by Pat Hanrahan in the Spring quarter of 2005. Ren Ng was the TA for the class.

The judges for the competition were:

The competition was held on June 6th 2005.

Grand Prize

Redwood Trees in Fog

by Andrew Adams, Emilio Antunez and Eddy Talvala


Andrew, Emilio and Eddy modeled bark, foliage and fog to create images of redwood trees enveloped in fog. 

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First Prize

Iridescent Sunbeam Snake

by Matthew Wang


Matt modeled iridescent reflections off the scales of the sunbeam snake, as well as modeling the scales of the snake and shape of the snake. 

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Honorable Mentions

Hawk Head with Feathers

by Jiayi Chong and Oded Wurman


Jiayi and Oded procedurally generated the feathers growing on a hawk head, developed a shading model for the feathers, and distributed their rendering across a network of 4 computers to handle the high geometric complexity. 

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Dusty Room

by Chien-Yu Chen


Chien-Yu modeled dust settling in a room, light reflecting off the dusty surfaces, and light streaming through the dusty air of the room.

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by Josh Wiseman


Josh modeled the color-dependent refraction of light through gemstones. 

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by Itai Katz and Pankhudi


Itai and Bindi simulated the non-linear traversal of light as it passes through air of different temperatures, to create images of mirages. 

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by Juan Sepulveda and Meng Yu


Juan and Meng modeled the shape of donuts, and the reflective properties of various sugar coatings.

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Other Cool Submissions

Aurora Borealis

by Alan Jao and John Chin


Alan and John modeled the shape and color of the northern lights. 

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by Keith Primdahl


Keith modeled Fresnel reflection, isotropic absorption and polarization-dependent transmission of light through Tourmaline crystals. 

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Levitation and Lightning

by Philip Engstroem and Oren Feinstein

Philip and Oren modeled this scene of a cube levitating above a magnet and lightning striking the cube.  

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Iridescent Peacock Feather

by John Pau

John modeled the characteristic iridescent reflection of light from the fibers of a peacock feather. 

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Improved Photon Mapping

by NeilFred Picciotto


NeilFred developed and tested improvements to photon mapping, to reduce the number of photons that need to be cast into a scene for equal image quality.

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Translucent and Weathered Objects

by Sung Hwan Chung and Younggon Eric Kim

Sung and Eric modeled the development of rust through a weathering process, as well as the translucent reflection of light from marble. 


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Cloud Animation

Gene Pang


Gene simulated the the dynamic evolution of clouds, creating several movies of their formation.

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Dry Ice

Ho-Kit Cheung and Nikun Khoongumjorn

Ho-Kit and Nikun modeled the smoke rising off dry ice in water using Perlin noise. 

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