CS348B Spring 2006 Rendering Competition

The renderings below were created for the rendering competition in CS348B: Image Synthesis Techniques, taught by Pat Hanrahan in the Spring quarter of 2006. Meng Yu and Kayvon Fatahalian were the TAs for the class. The competition was held on Friday June 9th, 2006.

The distinguished judges for the competition were:

Grand Prize

by Tom Brow & Ranjitha Kumar

Tom and Ranjitha produced this year's winning entry by procedurally modeling Lilypads using Mathematica and simulating single-layer subsurface scattering of light through the pads as well as volumetric scattering of light through the water in the scene.

First Prize

The Caterpillar
by Tarang Vaish & Shradha Budhiraja

Tarang and Shradha implemented Jenson's hierarchical subsurface scattering technique as well as procedural texture generation to produce this image of a caterpillar.

Honorable Mention

by Yi Lang Mok & Joyce Pan

To make this picture of an ice cube, Yi Lang and Joyce generated the distribution of tiny air bubbles within the ice and used bump mapping on the model's surface to produce a realistic appearance.

by Bill Dwyer

Bill devised his own algorithm for generating the geometry of this bonzai tree.

by Sean Rosenbaum & Mattias Bergbom

Sean and Mattias handle the geometric intersections between many soap bubbles as well as the thin-film appearance effects of soapy water in their project. They also procedurally generated the leaves in this scene.

by Doug Johnston & Paul Tarjan

Doug and Paul simulated wave interference and diffraction using Huygen's principal to create this amazing picture of light shining upon a micron-scale snowman.

More Great Projects

Lava & Molten Materials
by Lee Hendrickson & Ryan Smith

Lee and Ryan use the temperature of molten lava to calculate it's radiative spectrum and visible intensity. The radiating material is used as an importance sampled area light source in the scene. The texture of the molten materials is procedurally generated.

Inside of a Leaf
by Kurt Berglund

Kurt investigated the scattering properties of the various structural layers within leaves and implemented a multiple scattering simulation to produce this image.

Hard at Work
by Murad Akhter & Hyun Gu Lee

Murad and Hyun acquired skin molds of regions of their hands and then used shape from shading to construct normal maps from the molds. They used texture synthesis to produce a normal map for an entire hand.

by Julie Tung and Alex Li

Julie and Alex implemented volumetric photon mapping to produce this beautiful underwater scene of a killer whale.