CS348B Spring 2009 Rendering Competition

The renderings below were created for the rendering competition in CS348B: Image Synthesis Techniques, taught by Pat Hanrahan in the Spring quarter of 2009. Jerry Talton and Laurie Kim were the TAs for the class. The competition was held on Friday, June 5th, 2009.

The distinguished judges for the competition were:

Grand Prize

Glacier Caves
by Abe Davis, Dave Jacobs, and Jongmin Baek

Abe, Dave, and Jongmin rendered this amazing picture of an ice cave (complete with intrepid, snake-hating explorer). Dave generated the ice volumes using a formation and erosion simulation, Abe created an extensive previsualization pipeline, and Jongmin implemented volumetric photon mapping.

First Prize

Rendering Cloth
by Lingfeng Yang

Ling implemented a bidirectional texture function for cloth materials, and extended it to add support for analytic self-shadowing.

Second Prize

Frosty Popsicles
by Shiwei Song and Loren Yu

Shiwei and Loren used solid textures and subsurface scattering to render frosty popsicles.

Honorable Mentions

Spider Webs
by Zach DeVito

Zach implemented a system for automatic spider web generation and then simulated wavelength dependent refraction through the web's threads.

Pouring Wine
by Soowoung Ryu

Soowoung implemented a smoothed particle hydrodynamic fluid simulation and a tuned transmissive material model to capture the splash of wine in a glass.

More Great Projects

Coronal Ejection
by Daniel Chang and Ming Jiang

Daniel and Ming rendered the sun, with separate models for the photosphere, chromosphere, corona, and coronal ejection loops.

Corrective Vision
by David Pursell

David simulated the human visual system with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, and then used a prescription-based lens model to correct the system's vision.

Oil Refinery
by Daniel Gibson and Salik Sayed

Daniel and Salik modeled and rendered an oil refinery, using a ray marching technique to account for heat blur and volumetric photon mapping to account for smoke..

Relativistic Rendering
by Adam Smith and Filip Gruvstad

Adam and Filip rendered a space scene with relativistic effects, including light bending due to gravity, and abberation and Doppler shift to due the camera moving at relativistic speeds.

Enchanted Tree
by Shireesh Agrawal

Shireesh used radiosity and light shafts to render a picture of a tree in a cave.

by Avi Robinson-Mosher and Jonathan Su

Avi and Jon simulated and rendered a waterfall with surface, spray, and mist effects.

Tennis Ball
by Johnny Zhou

Johnny used a 3D texture model to render the fur on the surface of a tennis ball.