CS 348B 1993 Rendering Competition

CS 348B - Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques
Winter quarter, 1993
Instructor: Marc Levoy
Teaching assistant: Daniel Goldman

Press here for a general introduction to these rendering competitions.

Oranges, by Chase Garfinkle

Chase's winning entry from the Winter of '93 features dimpled oranges and smoke rising from a coffee cup. Both of these objects, as well as the distorted globe in the background, were rendered using Chase's volume raytracer. The orange's skin and the distorted globe are isosurfaces of a volume density function, while the smoke is directly rendered from another density function.

Golf Ball, by Jim Christy

Jim's golf ball was not only texture mapped with a genuine Spalding golf ball label; it was also bump-mapped with several hundred dimples, placed at the centers of triangles generated by a regular tessellation of the sphere.

Grand Scene, by Bruce Romney and Mike Smith

Bruce and Mike's scene exhibits almost all of the major functionality required in the course project. Note that while the top mirror is shiny, the lower one is diffuse. Also, the shadow cast by the blue cube is diffuse. Both of these are created by distribution ray-tracing. Other features include refraction and texture mapping.

Intel Mug, by John Heinlein and Steve Farris

John and Steve's image was designed to match a real-life scene, which they showed alongside their computer-generated image. Although difficult to see at this resolution, the mug's surface has several scratches and other markings, as did the real object.

Marble Vase, by Patrick Teo

Patrick's elegant marble texture won him an honorable mention in the render-off. His renderer utilized a very efficient space-subdivision method coupled with a progressive refinement technique which allowed the user to watch the image slowly appear as it was calculated.

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