CS 99D - The Science of Art - Online Projects

Winter Quarter, 1998

Instructor: Marc Levoy
Assistant: Lucas Pereira

The cs99d final projects took many forms, including papers, drawings, computer models, and computer programs. This page includes some of the online content of the computer-oriented projects. There were many other fascinating projects; this is just a sampling of those projects suited to the web.

Full list of projects.

The Perspective Assistant, by David Anderson

(Click here to go to the Perspective Assistant Page)

David wrote a java applet that uses a 2D construction technique to demonstrate perspective projection. This technique flattens the 3-D perspective problem down to two 2-D perspective projections, which can be done simultaneously on the same sheet of paper. His program allows the user to move the viewpoint around, select different models, and toggle lines on and off. His Perspective Assistant Page provides good documentation for a very cool applet.

St. Peter's Basilica, by Anne Pier Hubert

Anne's model, Raphael's painting, Edges of Anne's model, and the edges superimposed on the painting.
(Click here to see Anne's VRML 1.0 model)

Anne modeled St. Peter's Basilica in Softimage. She acquired architectural diagrams of the Basilica, to create a dimensionally accurate model. Then she gave a convincing demonstration that the building in Raphael's painting "Philosophy (School of Athens)" matches quite closely with the state of St. Peter's Basilica around 1510.

Masaccio's Temple, by Dennis Hwang

Dennis modeled Masaccio's Temple in Alias. Using the painting as a template, he carefully modeled the geometry by hand to match the painting. His model was fairly large, so he's still putting together / rendering the final animation...

Tour into the Picture, by Lauren Margolin

(Click here to see the full Quicktime movie (4.7MB))

(Or a partial clip (480K))

Lauren implemented Horry, Anjyo, and Arai's "Tour Into the Picture" technique (Siggraph '97 Proceedings p. 225). Starting with Salvadore Dali's painting, "Persistence of Memory", she used PhotoShop to paint masks of the objects at different depth levels, and painted in the missing information occluded by foreground objects. She mapped these images and masks onto planes, creating a pseudo-3D model of the scene.

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