Non-Invasive Interactive Visualization of Dynamic Architectural Environments

Christopher Niederauer
University of California, Santa Barbara

Mike Houston
Stanford University

Maneesh Agrawala
Microsoft Research

Greg Humphreys
University of Virginia

Original paper presented at: ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
Invited for presentation at: SIGGRAPH 2003


We present a system for interactively producing exploded views of 3D architectural environments such as multi-story buildings. These exploded views allow viewers to simultaneously see the internal and external structures of such environments. To create an exploded view we analyze the geometry of the environment to locate individual stories. We then use clipping planes and multipass rendering to separately render each story of the environment in exploded form. Our system operates at the graphics driver level and therefore can be applied to existing OpenGL applications, such as first-person multiplayer video games, without modification. The resulting visualization allows users to understand the global structure of architectural environments and to observe the actions of dynamic characters and objects interacting within such environments.




Christopher Niederauer