ButterflyNet: A Mobile Capture and Access System for Field Biology Research


Ron B. Yeh, Chunyuan Liao, Scott R. Klemmer, François Guimbretière, Brian Lee, Boyko Kakaradov, Jeannie Stamberger, and Andreas Paepcke


ronyeh [at] cs.stanford.edu


CHI 2006: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems




Through a study of field biology practices, we observed that biology fieldwork generates a wealth of heterogeneous information, requiring substantial labor to coordinate and distill. To manage this data, biologists leverage a diverse set of tools, organizing their effort in paper notebooks. These observations motivated ButterflyNet, a mobile capture and access system that integrates paper notes with digital photographs captured during field research. Through ButterflyNet, the activity of leafing through a notebook expands to browsing all associated digital photos. ButterflyNet also facilitates the transfer of captured content to spreadsheets, enabling biologists to share their work. A first-use study with 14 biologists found this system to offer rich data capture and transformation, in a manner felicitous with current practice.




ButterflyNet enables field scientists to capture and structure heterogeneous research data.


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