Texture Synthesis over Arbitrary Manifold Surfaces

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In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2001


Algorithms exist for synthesizing a wide variety of textures over rectangular domains. However, it remains difficult to synthesize general textures over arbitrary manifold surfaces. In this paper, we present a solution to this problem for surfaces defined by dense polygon meshes. Our solution extends Wei and Levoy's texture synthesis method by generalizing their definition of search neighborhoods. For each mesh vertex, we establish a local parameterization surrounding the vertex, use this parameterization to create a small rectangular neighborhood with the vertex at its center, and search a sample texture for similar neighborhoods. Our algorithm requires as input only a sample texture and a target model. Notably, it does not require specification of a global tangent vector field; it computes one as it goes - either randomly or via a relaxation process. Despite this, the synthesized texture contains no discontinuities, exhibits low distortion, and is perceived to be similar to the sample texture. We demonstrate that our solution is robust and is applicable to a wide range of textures.

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