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For Pat Hanrahan's current research, look at his home page.

For Ron Fedkiw's research, look at his home page.

For Leo Guibas's research, look at his lab page.

For Vladlen Koltun's research, look at his home page.

For Marc Levoy's projects, click on one of the links below:

Light fields and computational photography

Stanford Light Field Microscope Project

Camera 2.0

Inactive research projects (by various faculty)

Volume rendering

Spreadsheets for images

Project to build a 3D fax machine

Compression of synthetic images

Texture Analysis and Synthesis

The Digital Michelangelo Project

Digital Forma Urbis Romae Project (CS pages)
Digital Forma Urbis Romae Project (Classics pages)

The Stanford Multi-Camera Array

Responsive workbench

FLASH graphics systems


Stanford CityBlock Project

Creating digital archives of 3D artworks

The Stanford Spherical Gantry

Stanford Immersive Television Project

Cuneiform Tablet Visualization Project

Movement Project

Real-time programmable shading

Polaris: Interactive database visualization

RIVET: Visualization of computer systems

Rendering algorithms

Interactive Workspaces

A list of technical publications, with abstracts and pointers to additional information, is also available.
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